Uses of Medical Marijuana
When one says the word marijuana what first comes to mind is that of the illegal drugs. This is because that is what marijuana has become famous for in the past decades. To get more info, visit Mission Organic. There are many who have taken that as a form of illegal drug.

But these days marijuana is gaining popularity in the medical world as well. This is because in the past few years medical marijuana is being utilized as an alternative form of treatment in the medical world. There is a compound in the marijuana plant that has been found to have medical uses but which does not possess the psychoactive component for which the illegal drug is known to induce in those who take it.

Now you may be wondering where this medical marijuana is used for? Well one of the main uses of medical marijuana is with regards to pain management. Medical marijuana has anti-inflammatory properties which make it compatible with pain management. That is why those who have chronic pain caused by their disease where given these and they have been found to be helpful for them. Those with advanced rheumatism for example have been helped with this in dealing with their painful joints.

Another use of medical marijuana is in those who are suffering from anxiety attacks. This is because medical marijuana has been found to have anti-anxiety properties that can help those who are suffering from anxiety attacks often. Actually in one study it has even been found out that a group of people felt less anxious about speaking in front of a public audience when they have taken this medical marijuana prior to speaking.

Now you may be wondering how a person can have medical marijuana. Well this is now made available to people in dispensaries. If you are living for example in San Francisco then you need to find a San Francisco dispensary from whom you can get this medical marijuana. Of course you would have to present a prescription from your doctor so that you can get one. To get more info, visit Mission Organic. That means that you need to get permission from your doctor to use this.

Now if you are interested in an alternative form of treatment for your pain or anxiety then there would be no harm in looking at medical marijuana. You can now get a lot of information about it online if you wish to read more before you request your doctor to have it prescribed to you. Learn more from